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Senior ReactJS Developer

Our partner company is looking for highly motivated developers with a "Can Do" attitude and development experience in ReactJS/NodeJS
Job Title: Software Engineer - ReactJS/NodeJS (Senior level)
Postition Type: Fulltime


As an experienced ReactJS/NodeJS Developer to join the energetic team, you are expected to be passionate about building high-quality, scalable, and stable online apps with the ReactJS. As a member of our development team, you will work on intriguing projects to build top-tier online solutions. You'll work with cross-functional teams, train junior engineers, and remain current on emerging technologies to keep our front-end development efforts at the cutting edge of innovation.


  • ReactJS/NodeJS Development:
      ● Develop and maintain complex, scalable, and high-performance web applications using ReactJS/NodeJS
      ● Implement responsive user interfaces with a focus on user experience.

  • Architecture and Design:
      ● Collaborate with product managers and designers to transform design concepts into functional, interactive web applications.
      ● Architect and design robust front-end solutions that are maintainable, reusable, and well-structured.

  • Code Quality and Best Practices:
      ● Enforce coding standards and best practices to maintain code quality and consistency.
      ● Conduct code reviews and provide constructive feedback to team members.

  • Performance Optimization:
      ● Identify and resolve performance bottlenecks to ensure optimal application performance.
      ● Implement caching and optimization techniques to improve load times.

  • Mentorship:
      ● Provide guidance, support, and mentorship to junior developers to help them grow their skills and contribute effectively.

  • Technical Leadership:
      ● Stay up-to-date with the latest ReactJS/NodeJS features and best practices.
      ● Lead discussions on architectural decisions and technology choices.

  • Testing and Quality Assurance:
      ● Write unit and integration tests to ensure the reliability of the application.
      ● Collaborate with QA teams to address and resolve issues.

  • Documentation:
       ● Create and maintain technical documentation for code, architecture, and deployment processes.


  • ● A bachelor's or master's degree in computer science, software engineering, or a closely related discipline is required.
  • ● Proven ReactJS/NodeJS Developer expertise with a great portfolio of online apps.
  • ● ReactJS, NodeJS, TypeScript, HTML5, CSS3, and other related web technologies are required.
  • ● Experience with state management
  • ● Strong understanding of RESTful APIs and their connection with back-end systems.
  • ● Knowledge of version control systems (for example, Git).
  • ● Experience with build and deployment technologies (such as Webpack, npm, and others).
  • ● Excellent problem-solving and debugging abilities.
  • ● Excellent communication and teamwork abilities.
  • ● Leadership abilities and the capacity to mentor junior developers are required.